What Is All the Buzz About?

The news is out! The Shingo Institute has launched a new workshop, called SYSTEMS DESIGN, which has been in development for several months. After several successful pilot sessions, we are excited to release this new course to the general public starting in November 2019.

Why Now?

Almost 12 years ago, the Shingo Institute put a stake in the ground with ten guiding principles that inform ideal behaviors. Now the Institute is ready to add another stake in the ground by releasing the SYSTEMS DESIGN workshop that focuses on the Systems diamond and its interdependent connections in the Shingo Model™.

Those interested in organizational excellence know the importance of robust systems. The second insight of organizational excellence states that systems drive behavior. To drive behavior closer to ideal, attention to appropriate systems design is critical. Thought leaders have long provided great definitions of systems; although, many organizations still continue to loosely use the word “system” to define all types of programs, processes, and tools. In the past, there has been less clarity in reference to required components needed to design such systems—until now!

What It Covers

The new SYSTEMS DESIGN workshop has been anticipated by many Shingo Model enthusiasts and Lean practitioners alike. Critical workshop learnings include:

  • What defines a system.
  • Three types of essential systems.
  • Five required tools for every system.
  • Examples of systems structure and standard work.

Like all Shingo workshops, SYSTEMS DESIGN is a two-day event held at a host facility where participants can study systems. Participants will be able to ask questions of managers and associates to gain practical experience in assessing and identifying gaps related to systems. This workshop is directly applicable to any industry, and attendees leave with the tools in hand to help them succeed.

Where It Fits

In the Shingo workshop series, DISCOVER EXCELLENCE has always been the prerequisite, and it remains so. SYSTEMS DESIGN will be next in the series, followed by the three depth workshops, which together provide the necessary tools and learnings to accelerate an organization’s transformation to a sustainable culture of organizational excellence.

The prescribed order of the workshops is now:

  • DISCOVER EXCELLENCE (prerequisite)
  • All three of the Shingo Guiding Principles workshops, in any order:
  • BUILD EXCELLENCE (capstone)

Shingo Alumni Status

If you are already a Shingo Alum, the addition of this new workshop to the series does not change anything about your alumni status. It just gives you a new option for deeper learning. If you are still working toward Shingo Alumni recognition, you can now choose between attending the BUILD EXCELLENCE workshop or the new SYSTEMS DESIGN workshop; however, beginning in 2021, SYSTEMS DESIGN will be a required workshop for alumni status.


A new workshop that goes to this depth on systems—a key element of the Shingo Model—is long overdue. It’s a strong addition to a series of proven workshops that together will effectively equip people with the knowledge to create sustainable cultures of organizational excellence focused on both results and the behaviors that achieve them.

The first public offering of the SYSTEMS DESIGN workshop will be held November 14-15 in Charlton, Massachusetts, followed by another offering on January 14-15 in Salt Lake City, Utah. More sessions will be added soon. Click here to view the entire schedule of Shingo workshops. Register today!

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