Continuous Improvement Improves Lives

by Dominic Bria, Psy.D.

People who work in continuous improvement in any industry tend to love it. It becomes their passion. Many people even end up doing volunteer work in continuous improvement (CI) outside their regular jobs or after retirement.

Consider the Shingo examiners, the people who perform the assessments of organizations that challenge for the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. Continue reading “Continuous Improvement Improves Lives”

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“Operational Excellence” or “Enterprise Excellence”?

by Ken Snyder

A few decades ago, we changed the name of the Shingo Prize to the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. This was appropriate at the time because the Prize was meant mainly for manufacturers, and applicants for the Prize were mainly the production facilities of manufacturing organizations. At the time, the assessment model we used consisted only of systems, tools, and results. Continue reading ““Operational Excellence” or “Enterprise Excellence”?”

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