A Study in Principles that Drive Habitual Excellence

by Paul O’Neill – By Geoff Webster, Value Capture, LLC

 “Based on timeless principles, we shape cultures that drive operational excellence.”

Few leaders today embody the purpose of the Shingo Institute better than Paul O’Neill, the 72nd U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. During Paul’s tenure as CEO of Alcoa (1987–2000) and in the decade after, driven by his belief that zero safety incidents was the driving values-based goal for an ethical company, Alcoa’s lost workday incidents dropped from 1.86 to 0.09 per 100 employees per year. Driven to always find a better way (Embrace Scientific Thinking), create better conditions for employees (Respect for Every Individual, Focus on Process, Seek Perfection, Think Systemically, Create Constancy of Purpose), and to improve outcomes (Create Value for the Customer), Paul humbly led Alcoa to a sustainable state of organizational excellence that continued to improve more than a decade after his departure. Continue reading “A Study in Principles that Drive Habitual Excellence”

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