Interview with Chris Butterworth About Enterprise Alignment and Results Book

The Shingo Institute is publishing a series of books to support the Shingo workshops. The first book “Discover Excellence” was published in 2018 and we are delighted to announce that the second book in the series “Enterprise Alignment and Results ” will be available in early 2019 .  The book was edited by Chris Butterworth*. Dominic Bria of the Shingo Institute interviewed Chris about the book .

Dom :  Why did you write this book?

Chris : The Enterprise Alignment and Results workshop is a wonderful learning experience both for the facilitator and the course delegates. However, not everyone can get to a workshop so we wanted to make the learning more widely available and share it as we can in book format. Also, people who’ve attended the workshop often like to have a resource to refer back to and this book will help them, as well.

Dom : Who will benefit from reading this book?

Chris :  A very common issue we see in many organizations is the difficulty of connecting the entire workforce to the organization’s strategic goals and to the customer. Enterprise Alignment and Results focuses on a deep dive of the principles that support Enterprise Alignment and Results and explores how to apply these. As such, anyone seeking a deeper understanding the principles of

  • Create Value for the Customer
  • Constancy of Purpose
  • Think Systemically

will benefit from the stories and lessons learned that are shared in this book. It is designed to stand alone but will also be very useful for anyone who has already completed the Enterprise Alignment and results workshop.

Dom : What type of organizations will find the book useful?

Chris:  The book is designed to appeal to all organizations with examples from manufacturing and service businesses and several in-depth case studies from different sectors.

Dom : How is the book structured?

Chris :  The book follows the structure of the Enterprise Alignment and Results workshop. Each principle is explored in depth and it is illustrated with examples and case studies. Several exercises from the workshop are also included.

Dom : Who are some of the organizations featured in the book ?

Chris :  There are in-depth case studies from Auckland Council Pools and Leisure , Ozgene,  Cogent Power Inc , Airbus and many more shorter case examples from a whole range of different sectors.

Dom:  What did you enjoy most about writing the book?

Chris :  It was a great journey down memory lane for me. As I was writing, I kept recalling things that I had seen over the years and tried to use these stories throughout the book to bring the key points to life. It was a real pleasure to recall these and be able to share them.

Copies of Enterprise Alignment and Results will be available for purchase in early 2019. Availability will be announced in the Shingo newsletter and website.

Chris Butterworth will be facilitating the Enterprise Alignment and Results workshop at the upcoming Shingo Conference so this will be a great opportunity to meet him and hear some of the stories from the book.  See this link for more details about the Shingo Conference.


  • Chris Butterworth is founder of  S A Partners Australia and New Zealand and has had many years of experience operating at senior management level in multinational organizations such as JCB, Jaguar and Corus. Chris is a certified Shingo Institute master level facilitator and Shingo examiner, winner of the Best New Speaker of the Year Award for “The Executive Connection” and in 2017 co-authored the widely acclaimed book “4+1- Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement”.


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