Shingo Faculty Fellows

By: Ken Snyder

In order to help the Shingo Institute accomplish its educational mission, the Shingo institute is in need of expanding its resources in the educational field. We decided to create a group of people, known as “Shingo Faculty Fellows,” who will represent the Shingo Institute in educational settings. The Shingo Faculty Fellows will be a resource to help the Shingo Institute meet growing demand.

The Shingo Faculty Fellows are not full-time Shingo employees, but they will serve as ambassadors of the Shingo Institute. We have invited Beau Keyte of The Keyte Group, and Sam MacPherson of the Lean Leadership Academy, to be our inaugural Shingo Faculty Fellows.

Beau Keyte, as president of The Keyte Group, teaches, coaches, and facilitates on two important transformation fronts: changing the work processes and changing the roles and responsibilities of leadership to support new work processes. This work keeps him happy as he guides systemic learning and change. Teams learn how to understand, prioritize, and solve performance problems while management learns how to coach the staff in a way to develop them into better thinkers and employees. His operational excellence focus began in 1986 and his work has expanded to include support in healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. Mr. Keyte has been active in designing ways to help organizations learn in highly leveraged collaborative models, including working with 62 emergency departments across Michigan to simultaneously improve patient outcomes. He has two Shingo Publication award-winning books: The Complete Lean Enterprise and Perfecting Patient Journeys, and he has authored several articles. In addition to becoming a Shingo Faculty Fellow, Mr. Keyte is also a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), a contributing author to Huffington Post, and an adjunct faculty member of The Ohio State University’s Masters of Business in Operational Excellence program.

Sam MacPherson is the founder and executive director of the Lean Leadership Academy. He is an internationally recognized Lean transformation and leadership development expert, speaker, and thought leader. Mr. MacPherson is well-known for his annual gathering of Lean leaders to advance the art and science of Lean leadership, development, and research; transformative leadership methods; operational excellence; and building Lean leadership relationships. Mr. MacPherson is an experienced and award-winning plant manager, director of manufacturing, and retired marine industry executive vice president. He also has experience as a Special Forces officer and combat veteran. Mr. MacPherson studied operations management at the University of Alabama and is a graduate of the prestigious US Army Command and General Staff College School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS). He continues his service to the special operations community as an advisor to the commander of US Army Special Operations and the Special Warfare School and Joint Staff Officer College. Mr. MacPherson learned TPS directly from Toyota and is a certified Toyota trainer. He also served as a consultant for the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University.

The primary activity of Shingo Faculty Fellows is to conduct workshops on behalf of the Shingo Institute. They will also engage in training new facilitators to conduct Shingo workshops around the world. In addition, we anticipate the Shingo Faculty Fellows to develop curriculum – e.g., designing new courses; revamping existing courses; creating videos to be used in our curriculum; writing case studies; and possibly, helping support publications such as books and articles.

Shingo Faculty Fellows are senseis that are well-known in the Lean world. They are engaging teachers. They are experienced curriculum developers. They bring instant credibility to our educational endeavors. Please join us in welcoming Beau Keyte and Sam MacPherson as the inaugural Shingo Faculty Fellows.

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