A First for Russia

By: Ken Snyder

I am pleased to announce that the Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, Naro Fominsk Ends facility will receive the Shingo Prize at our annual conference in April. This is the first organization located in Russia to receive a Shingo Prize, or any Shingo-related recognition. The Naro Fominsk Ends facility is located about 70 km southwest of Moscow and manufactures beverage cans for use in the Russian marketplace. This facility, originally part of Rexam PLC until Ball’s acquisition in 2016, is now part of the Ball Beverage Packaging Europe region and one of four end manufacturing plants in Europe.

Whenever we send an examination team to visit an organization, one thing the team does is prepare a report on extraordinary achievements in the organization. Let me share some of the extraordinary achievements from the team’s report:

“Ball Naro Fominsk’s safety system and culture is a best practice. Safety is first in every meeting. A high focus in training programs begins with a strong safety emphasis in the on-boarding training. The planning and execution associated with safety is outstanding, including no lost-time accidents for over six years. The plant has an effective near-miss program. The employee pictures throughout the facility are another excellent way to drive home the importance of safety every day in the minds of all associates. Safety training is extended to all associates’ families and is very well received.

“Another best in practice example exemplified in this facility is the talent management system. The system – which goes from recruitment through training, development, career growth to transition planning – is a world class benchmark for aspiring organizations to follow.”

If you are interested in learning more about the extraordinary journey of the first Shingo Prize recipient from Russia, please join us at the Shingo conference in Atlanta where two of the leaders from this organization will share their experiences. Also, join us for the Awards Gala where we will recognize this outstanding organization for this great achievement. You can register for the conference at: http://shingo.org/events/international. See you there!

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