Process-Problems: Hidden Treasures, Part I

By: Randy Cook and Alison Jenkins, McKinsey & Company

When a company engages its people in problem solving as part of their daily work, they feel more motivated, they do their jobs better, the organization’s performance improves, and a virtuous cycle starts to turn. Such an approach can tap enormous potential for the company and its customers.

At one auto-parts manufacturer, each employee generates an average of 15 suggestions for improvement every year. Over a period of 16 years, these suggestions have helped secure major advances that reached well beyond productivity and into safety and quality.

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Shingo Institute has a new Director of Research, Dr. Rick Edgeman

The Shingo Institute recently gained a new director of research. Rick Edgeman, Ph.D. joined the Shingo Institute at Utah State University in August 2015 as research director and clinical professor of management. His role at the Shingo Institute is to conduct studies and help us bridge the gap between scholarly knowledge and practical application.

Dr. Edgeman continues to serve as a visiting professor of quality management in the Industrial Engineering & Management Division at Uppsala University in Sweden, and sustainability and enterprise performance at Aarhus University in Denmark. His areas of expertise are in sustainable enterprise excellence, six sigma innovation and design, quality management, and social-ecological innovation.

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