Month: April 2015

Beliefs and Systems Drive Behavior

By: J Francisco Ramirez R, LENSYS The best decisions are made when there is awareness and knowledge of the different elements of a system, as well as how these elements are interconnected and what the outputs of the system are. Systemic thinking is a Shingo Guiding Principle that ties together all other principles. Thinking systemically…
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What Would Happen If…?

By: Peter Hines, S A Partners Think for a minute:       What would happen if you went to the supermarket but forgot to pick up the kids from school? What would happen if you bought a round of drinks in a bar for all but one of your party?       What would happen if…
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Quality is Not Free – We Have to Earn It

By: Alejandro Ponce, Alfra-Opex After serving 14 years at a company dedicated to saving lives, by building reliable safety systems for automobiles such as seat belts and airbags, it is clear that quality is the top priority when we talk about product performance. There is no room for mistakes. With only one chance for those products…
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